When imagination gets real

Tvim Tonković company sells equipment for central heating, air conditioning, gas installations, plumbing installations & ceramics

Tvim Tonković

Tvim Tonković company have 20 years of experience in their market field of bathroom equipment, central heating and other needs for every home. Expanded on 3 locations, they have decided to make a step forward with new website that would increase their profit and even more , make their company recognizable across the whole Croatia and other countries.

With their 14 product categories , we've managed for customer an easy navigation to go through to find whats he looking for. Single product page is simplified as much as possible although every second product has its own variations that at the end show the right price.

Most of the products show 2 prices, old and new one, with their elegant design, we've helped customer to easily understand the meaning which price is which and also encourage him to make a purchase


Payment getaway - Corvus

Menu navigation according to Tvim Tonković needs

Solution for products without price

Shipping based on weight of the product

Website is fully responsive with elegant web design, mixing red as energized color for purchasing and white with bathroom texture and ceramics which gives customer the true image of company thats stands behind this website.