Different people & projects is what truly connects us

Pavle Vidaković

CEO / Owner

Ivan Igor Vidaković

CTO / Project manager

Filip Zajec

Senior web developer

There is nothing better than building highly-valuable websites for high cause

Borna Vrandečić

Junior web developer / partner

Barbara Prdić

Digital marketing specialist

Irena Jurasek

Junior front end developer

Our story

We're a small digital agency based on 10 years of developing experience. There are many projects that we have developed and raised to the next level. Through our work, we've gained a unique experience based on real events. We provide full service in digital marketing and ecommerce field, many of our projects were created from scratch.

Together with our knowledge and skills, we managed to fulfill the goal such as increasing the sells, managing recognition of the brand, speeding up checkout procedure and in the end, developing customer's company. With our guidance, our clients started to think differently.

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