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How do we show off your business?

If a company or e-shop nowadays does not have a good web presence and forgets to build awareness among potential customers, it can easily get lost in a large number of similar websites. It will not happen to our clients. Websites and e-shops are optimized for search engines, Google, and Youtube, which make them a leader in organic search.

We also do training on how to present our brand and products on social networks. Before running campaigns, we set goals, analyze competition, create a marketing strategy, and then go into the actual implementation. After the end of the campaign, we evaluate the campaign properly and we proceed with further cooperation.

Brand awareness is built on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, and through the Google AdWords, Etarget and Sklik PPC Performance Campaigns. We bring new customers to e-shops by automatically linking to Heureka, Goods, and Google Shopping.

With careful market analysis and the use of available online advertising systems, we can find and reach your potential customers. When creating campaigns, we work closely with our in-house graphics to create a creative campaign and build it together. Just as banners for ad campaigns and other presentations.



SEO represents organic results on search engine. Primary result of SEO optimization is improvement of keywords, increased traffic on your website, impressions and clicks, which means it altogether increases your brand awareness, but to get to that point, its required to do some constant changes.

Google marketing

Google Ads

Lets put an ad on Google for you. Our task here is to bring new customers who would have an interest in your business, no matter if it is local or global and find an ideal customer.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Solutions offer free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights. Its very useful to find out who are your true customers, where they come from, how do they got to your website and etc.

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